Corporate wellness and exercise courses for Lancashire businesses

Each corporate wellbeing session is designed from the ground up according to your organisation’s needs and goals, so whether you want to reward your staff, bring them together as a team, or reduce sick absence, you’ll experience a truly tailor-made programme that will deliver real benefits.

These are a few ideas to give you a taster of what we can offer:

One-to-one wellbeing and relaxation sessions can be held at lunchtimes; they’re often promoted as part of a rewards package or stress management scheme. A conference room or other suitable private room is necessary. During these sessions we offer a range of treatments and wellbeing checks to keep your team in peak condition. Treatments include holistic crystal pamper treatments such as crystal head massage, crystal back massage, crystal hand reflexology and aura cleansing.

Wellbeing sessions, meanwhile, check heart rate, blood pressure, body composition (body fat, water levels, muscle weight and the recommended ranges), and can also include a lifestyle wellness consultation in which improvements are discussed.