Taekwondo lessons for Lancashire, the Fylde Coast and across the north west

Taekwondo translates as “the way of the hand and foot” but it’s equally important that action and understanding - that is, your body and mind - work in harmony. When you commit to attending Paul’s taekwondo classes in Blackpool or elsewhere in Lancashire, you ensure that you’ll get the most out of every session; this, in turn, will give you the motivation to succeed not just in taekwondo, but in the challenges you undertake elsewhere in life. Many of the Healthkicks taekwondo classes include the concept of chi, the body’s natural energy. By discovering your own chi and enhancing its flow throughout your body, you’ll reach new levels of self-awareness.

Taekwondo classes with Healthkicks are carefully structured while remaining friendly - this is a new and vibrant take on traditional Blackpool taekwondo training. Change your attitude, change the way about you feel about yourself, and you could change your life!

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